Order summary

PlanHumble Memebership
Duration6 months
Billed monthly for 6 monthsHK$450

1.) The organizer will collect 10% of the sales revenue of each vendor at the end of each event. 2.) No electricity plug is provided unless extra request and approval. 3.) It is forbidden to use any floor decorations (including hanger stands, pull-out racks), and all sales items must be placed on the table provided by the organizer. 4.) Please take good care of all personal belongings and products. The organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage. 5.) All participants (including organizers and guests) must comply with the current epidemic prevention regulations in the venue. (Including the requirement to wear a mask at all times during the market, and to take body temperature when entering and leaving designated places, etc.) 6.) If the vendor decides to withdraw from the event due to personal or other reasons beyond the control of the organizer, No refund will be made.

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